Moldings manufacturing

Tailor-made design

We offer custom moldings for all styles, all sizes and all types of projects.

Thanks to our expertise and the use of advanced production technologies, we guarantee optimal quality, reliability and flexibility for the realization of all your projects, even the most technical ones. We put our know-how at your disposal for tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet your needs and expectations.

Types of moldings

Wall boards
The wall board, also called paneling, is made of wood and is installed on a wall to give a country character to your decoration. It is easily installed as interior cladding and can be installed vertically, horizontally or even at a 45 degree angle, depending on the decorative style you are looking for.
The baseboard is a decorative and utilitarian element that is installed at the bottom of the walls, along the floor. Available in a wide variety of styles, it is an interesting and essential addition to any type of decor, whether it is modern, country or otherwise. The wooden plinth blends perfectly with the frames, for a most interesting result. We recommend adding a quarter round for a nicer finish.
The framing is above all a decorative element. These moldings are placed on the edges of windows and doors, as well as on the cornice in order to enhance the aesthetics of a room or a facade. Be careful however, the wooden frame is very delicate, it should be installed with care so as not to damage it. On the other hand, this kind of molding offers an impeccable finish!
Chair rail
The chair rail is a decorative molding that is generally installed on the walls of a room at sill height, or approximately 38 inches from the floor. In addition to protecting your partitions from marks left by chair backs, this wall molding is ideal for adding style to a room, especially for large ones. It can also perform other functions, such as providing an attachment point for picture frames.
Ideal for harmonizing the meeting of the walls and the ceiling, the o'gees enhance the character of a room in a beautiful way. It can also be used for finishing furniture.


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