Wooden stairs

We are able to manufacture custom wooden staircase accessories.

Whether you choose oak, cherry, maple, ash, walnut, pine, exotic woods or any other species with its own characteristics, we can help you find the type of staircase you want.

The step is the main element of the staircase. The choice of material and finish sets the tone for the staircase. There are several criteria to consider when choosing such as the species and grade of wood, the thickness of the step as well as the type of cut and the choice of finish to be applied to it. There are several types of walking; regular steps, starting steps, corner steps and irregular steps.
No matter what style you are looking for, railing components are available in wood, wrought iron, glass or stainless steel, to match perfectly with the steps of your stairs as well as the decor of your home.
The riser is a vertically installed part that closes the gap between 2 steps of the staircase. It is generally arranged with false stringers. A staircase made up of treads, risers and false stringers is called a closed staircase.
The stringer is the support piece on which the steps rest. It can be a single one, like a central beam, it can also be seen on the left and right as well as in the center under the steps. It can be cut so that the steps sit on it or mortised so that the steps can be inserted. When it is reversed, that is to say above the steps along the wall, it is called false silt and its role is rather aesthetic.
The molding is an essential decorative element. Available in several wood species and as many styles and sizes, it will give the final touch to your decor.
Landing nose
The landing nose is a molding imitating the front of a stair step that is installed at the floor limit at the top of the stairs. It is also found on landings or mezzanines, where the floor joins a void rather than a wall.

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